Spanish Immersion

Cultural Activities

How will I improve my Spanish at the retreat?

Speaking the native language is the key to feeling like home in any foreign country, and we want to help you feel at home in Mexico. At the end of this Immersion Retreat, you will feel more confidence speaking Spanish and interacting with native speakers.

  • Personal assessment from day 1

    with a native Spanish instructor.

  • Daily Spanish sessions

    in small groups to learn vocabulary.

  • List of phrases

    that you'll use during the day.

  • Daily speaking practice with locals

    ask questions, listen and interact in Spanish.

  • Final evaluation

    with recommendations for the future.

The Activities


    Can you imagine getting back home after this retreat having your own Talavera pottery piece decorated for yourself? Plus, listen and speak Spanish while you are doing it! We will discover the process, history and more about this beautiful tradition from Puebla that is well known all over the world. Talavera from Puebla has decorated many houses and public spaces, and been awarded not only in Mexico but worldwide.



What about COVID restrictions?

We will have very specific policies on the restrictions that we will send to you once your participation is confirmed. It is mandatory to show proof of a negative COVID test (antigen) a day before the reception. Previous full vaccination is also highly encouraged. 


The group will be limited, and the activities will take place in outdoor and/or sanitized spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What level do I need to participate?

What activities can I expect?

How do I get to Cholula?


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