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Nayeli Mulato

  • Open the Doors to New Cultures

    Fully enjoy all of the amazing places that Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries have to offer.

  • Work / Study Opportunities

    Spanish-speaking countries offer a great deal of possibilities for foreigners interested in working or studying there. Unlock the latino market for new business opportunities.

  • Live Like a Local

    If you are traveling or moving to a Spanish-speaking country, learn how to talk like a native and fully blend in with your environment. 

clase individual alemán
  • Grammar Course: Learn Spanish with a series of short videos, divided into easy-to-process lessons. (Levels A1, A2 & B1)

  • Quizzes & Test: Make sure you understood each lesson by answering a small quiz, and then do a final level exam.

  • LEVEL CERTIFICATE: Obtain a ZALOA Languages certificate after successfully completing a Spanish level. 

Practica de hablar alemán

With our complimentary Exercise Course, you can practice what you've learned in the lessons. Listen, read and write with over 300+ interactive exercises.

curso de comprensión oral y escrita alemán

Plans & Pricing

Choose the option that best suits you:


Includes full access to GO!Spanish membership course (levels A1, A2 & B1)


+ 1 Zoom session (per month) Practice your speaking skills with a native teacher in a live group session



Includes full access to GO!Spanish membership course (levels A1, A2 & B1)


+ 12 Zoom session (one per month) Practice your speaking skills with a native teacher in a live group session

(billed annualy)


Includes full access to GO!Spanish membership course (levels A1, A2 & B1)


+ 1 Zoom session (per month) Practice your speaking skills with a native teacher in a live group session

+ 4 private tutoring sessions

(30 minutes each).

Real Value: $84 USD


Your outcomes after finishing each level!

After you finish the

Level A1 you will...

After you finish the

Level A2 you will...

After you finish the

Level B1 you will...

Not sure of your current Spanish level?

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With the GO!Spanish membership course you will achieve:


Great Pronunciation

A great pronunciation and the confidence to express yourself in day-to-day situations.

Proficient Grammar

A great understanding of the Spanish grammar and the correct sentence construction.

Good oral and written comprehention

You'll be able to understand conversations and texts from different difficulty levels. 


You'll obtain a certificate from ZALOA Languages once you have successfully passed the Spanish test from each level.

Learn from Anywhere

in the World!


"I've learned more on this course that I have with an online teacher (and a Mexican boyfriend hahaha). ¡Me encanta! I love the format, it's easy to follow and  extremely practical. It's the perfect set for a beginner!"



"I love the cultural aspects you add to these videos. Great work with you guys!"



"I wanted to learn Spanish and didn't know where to start and I found that Zaloa was offering a free online session and decided to join their zoom session.
To begin, Nayeli and Eric are very friendly people and they offer help as much as they can, which is great! 
The price of the course is very affordable and the video sessions are very easy and you can access them at any time and it doesn't matter where you are in the world.
I started with only knowing a few words and now I can introduce myself and some things that I like without any problems; I can also understand a bit in Spanish when I hear someone speaking and can have a small chat.
I really love learning with this team!"



Meet your instructor: Nayeli


  • Native instructor: Nayeli was born and raised in Mexico, Spanish is her mouther tounge.

  • Spanish lover and proud Mexican: She will share her passion with you for this fun language and magical country, sharing with you the Mexican slang and traditions.

  • Expert teacher: She has more than 10 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners and English speakers.

alemán desde cero


The GO!Spanish membership course covers the bases of the Spanish language while making you discover the Mexican culture. This program was created by native speakers with years of experience in teaching.

  • A clear and proven structure divided by lessons

  • English explanations

  • Prerecorded concise videos for time optimization 

  • Focus on the correct pronunciation

  • Time and place flexibility - learn whenever you want and from any part of the world

  • 300+ exercises and exams for testing your knowledge

  • Certificate of completion per level

  • Compatible with your phone, tablet or computer

  • Unmatchable price


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