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Why Start This Journey?

  • You will open the doors to new cultures.

    Allowing you to fully enjoy all of the amazing places that Spanish speaking countries (such as Mexico!) have to offer.

  • Working / Studying Opportunities.

    Spanish speaking countries offer a great deal of possibilities for foreigners interested in working or studying there. Unlock the latino market for new business opportunities.

  • Live like a Local. 

    Your communication skills will noticeably improve. You will no longer have the problem of local people not understanding you.

Why Choose GO!Spanish?

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Access the course at any time, from anywhere in the world

  • Compatible with your phone, tablet or computer

  • Direct contact with the Go!Spanish team of native speakers

  • Unmatchable price

  • Learn the variant of the Mexican Spanish

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GO!Spanish is the membership course that will help you achieve all of your Spanish learning goals.

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Plan Cool

Access to the GO!Spanish Membership

  • Video Grammar Course

  • Exercise Course

  • Cultural Hacks

  • Final Exam per Level

1 Live group Zoom practice session with a native speaker instructor (one per month).

$44 USD

monthly fee

Plan Chido

Access to the GO!Spanish Membership

  • Video Grammar Course

  • Exercise Course

  • Cultural Hacks

  • Final Exam per Level

12  live group Zoom practice sessions with a native speaker instructor (one per month).

50% OFF the monthly fee!

Save $264 USD!

$264 USD

billed annualy

($22 USD per month!)

Plan Chingón

Access to the GO!Spanish Membership

  • Video Grammar Course

  • Exercise Course

  • Cultural Hacks

  • Final Exam per Level

1 Live group Zoom practice sessions with a native speaker instructor (one per month).

private tutoring sessions

(30 minutes each).

Real Value: $84 USD



monthly fee

Learn from Anywhere

in the World!

How does the 

GO!Spanish Membership work?

In this video, your instructor Nayeli Mulato will explain how the Membership works, and all the sections you'll be able to learn and practice.


If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message!


  • Video Grammar Course

    Forget about books… with these short videos and a simple, but effective structure, you'll learn all the grammar rules and topics that you’re going to need to actually speak Spanish like a native.

  • Cultural Hacks

    This is a particularly important aspect of any language. As a native speaker, I’ll give you insights about how Spanish speakers express themselves, in short cultural bonus videos.

  • Exercise Course

    You feel like you need more practice? Of course! That’s very a very important part of your learning process.

    With GO!Spanish you'll get dozens of exercises to practice with that you can do while you're on your coffee break, waiting for your uber or enjoying your coffee.

    You don’t need to download any PDFs, it’s all right there, available at our online academy.

  • Community

    As a member, you'll become part of the ZALOA family. We want to actively participate in your learning process. Sharing your progess with our native speakers and other learners will help you keep motivated and learn faster.  

Your outcomes after finishing each level!

After you finish the

Level A1 you will...

After you finish the

Level A2 you will...

After you finish the

Level B1 you will...

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I'm your instructor.

Do you want to learn Spanish? ​I want to help! Believe me when I say it's possible, and it doesn’t matter what your age is or your language skills, reaching fluency is possible because I’ve seen it through the years. 

I’m a Spanish tutor, proudly Mexican, even though I don’t like “aguacate” (avocado) I do can prepare a delicious guacamole, but that’s not the point! After years of teaching Spanish I've noticed the most important mistakes that Spanish learners make and the aspects needed to learn it successfully. I wasn’t happy with books or apps, they are fine, but there’s always an aspect missing, that’s the reason behind GO!Spanish. 

With GO!Spanish, you’ll get exactly what you need to move forward with your Spanish learning process. The whole program includes every aspect, from grammar topics, exercises, live practices and what really sets us apart: I’ll give you all cultural aspects of the language, because that’s no way you can learn to speak a language fluently like a native speaker if you donçt understand the culture behind the language. 

I truly believe that with the right method everybody can learn Spanish and speak it fluently ,I’ll be thrilled to see you succeed, the doors that you will open by speaking Spanish are litmitless, I promise you, you will get more friends, maybe connect with your heritage, discover new places or open professional opportunities, all that is possible! 

Start your journey today! Abrazos mexicanos.

What Our Members Say About Us

"I've learned more on this course that I have with an online teacher (and a Mexican boyfriend hahaha). ¡Me encanta! I love the format, it's easy to follow and  extremely practical. It's the perfect set for a beginner!"


GO!Spanish Member

"I love the cultural aspects you add to these videos. Great work with you guys!"


GO!Spanish Tester

"I love this course! Everyone wants to learn Spanish it's a beautiful language."


GO!Spanish Member

"I wanted to learn Spanish and didn't know where to start and I found that Zaloa was offering a free online session and decided to join their zoom session.
To begin, Nayeli and Eric are very friendly people and they offer help as much as they can which is great! 
The price of the course is very affordable and the video sessions are very easy and you can access them at any time and it doesn't matter where you are in the world.
I started with only knowing a few words and now i can introduce myself and some things that I like without any problems; I can also understand a bit in Spanish when I hear someone speaking and can have a small chat.
I really love learning with this team!"


GO!Spanish Member

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